Sepp Blatter – Raging Idiot

Sepp Blatter has come out and says he wants an alternative to a penalty shoot-out as it is deemed a “tragedy” for the losing team.  Of course, this has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that he asked Bayern Munich honorary president Franz Beckenbauer to come up with a solution just weeks after he would have watched his side lose out on penalties to Chelsea in the Champions League final.

This is just 2 years after he stated that he was thinking about removing all draws from world cup group stage games, making them go to .. wait.. you guessed it.. Penalties.

[quote]”If there is no winner at the end of 90 minutes of play, we would proceed directly to penalty kicks,”[/quote]

So how can a man, who lets face it, is an idiot, somehow change his mind so drastically, is it because he hates the English and the English game? Who knows, but I’m sure a lot of the conspiracy theorists will have something to say about this.

[quote]”We are considering doing away with draws in the first round… and also ending extra-time play.” [/quote]

Lets look at the options, we have Golden Goal, and before the penalty shootout was introduced in 1970 they used to draw lots, use replays or even flip a coin.  Not exactly practical.

And No Sepp – we don’t want your f-ing golden goal back.