The best manager in the world?

Some football fans are complete idiots..

My rant for today is rather topical, it was a toss up between this and some more arguments for technology in football, but as we touched on that a while back I thought I would move on to the subject of tonight..

The best manager in the world?

I’m going to keep this short, but after back to back defeats for Manchester United at the hands of Blackburn and tonight Newcastle, Sir Alex should not be sacked and should not walk away from the job.  The fact that some so called fans can even entertain this notion is absolutely outrageous, and yes, there are some out there, some calls to “you’re on sky sports”, 606 and various message boards suggest that this knee-jerk reaction does exist.

Every team will go through a bad spell, and yes, the performances over the last two games were pretty poor, but the effort put in by both Blackburn and Newcastle were top notch and it looked like they just wanted it more.  The person who rules out Manchester United is an idiot, plain and simple.

Yes it is true that United’s squad is not as good as it has been in recent years, but then again they are still fighting at the top end of the table and will be for some time to come.  The fact is younger players will not be used to the mentality that is installed at United, it will come in time, but this is a time to develop young talent who will no doubt be on top of the Premier League for years to come.  Sir Alex is arguably the best manager in the football world and the fact that I am even responding to these planks by ranting about it is needless, but sometimes things need to be said.

These so called fans calling for Sir Alex to walk away are probably are probably the ones who said that Pardew couldn’t do a job at Newcastle and that Wenger should quit at Arsenal and that the gunners would not finish in the top half of the table…