Some footballers can actually communicate in more than 140 characters. A look at Joey Barton’s website.

Footballers are all thick, Joey Barton is a thug and Twitter is the downfall of footballers.

That’s pretty much what the stereotypes suggest and the headlines in our nations newspapers would like you to believe.

Joey Barton is a character that divides opinion, his on and off the field antics have been captured in the media for everyone to be made aware of.  His twitter account is always busy and his website has been getting a lot of attention recently.  To find out why, I took a trip over to to have a read.

I must say, I was impressed.  For many footballers the 140 character limit that Twitter imposes is more than enough to say everything they need to say about their thoughts, possibly for the entire week.  Joey has gone one step ahead and is actually promoting his own website, and the more negative press it gets, the more hits he receives.  I’m sure many more players have websites, but they really should take some advice from Mr Barton about how to market them!  The site contains very well written, intelligent pieces that shed some light onto some of the issues that have arisen in Joey’s life, not to mention comments and personal opinions on other matters in the world today, not just football.

The thing is with the press, if you believe everything it tells you, especially from those high class papers such as “The Sun”, “The Daily Outrage Mail” , “The Mirror” and “The Star” – (and in fact nearly every other paper!) you are buying into political stances on a one way story, the papers are there to sell copies, not to tell the truth.  In situations involving any well known / highly paid sports or TV “celebrity”, especially if they have a bit of a reputation like Joey does, the victim will always be whoever the story is about that isn’t said person, regardless of what happened.  Having a website like this, Joey has given his accounts of all those stories that hit the news about him so you can make up your own mind about them, I like that idea.

Of course, being cynical, the website could just be a way of making up his own lies about these stories, but then, why would he go to that much effort to do so, he isn’t trying to sell papers, and so far from what I have read, he is very honest about when he has been a dick and when the press are just being, well, the press.

Do yourself a favour and go and check out the website, I’m sure you will have your own opinions on him as a person from what you have seen and read, but to actually read and listen to first hand accounts of things, it gives that famous “other side to the story”.  If however you go in with a specific thought about the man and a closed mind (and lets face it, if you are, the chances are it is a negative one) then you will probably find more content to your liking in the comments section of each story.

However, all that said and done, if your best achievement this week was your Twitter / Facebook update about how you “strtd a fite n kiked sum cnts hed in, LOL!” – don’t bother reading the website, stay on social networks, and preferably twitter – where the character limit is there to do everyone else a favour.

Have you read the website? What are your thoughts on it?  Has your opinion on Joey changed in any way?