Tevez Returns, with his family, maybe he will be less homesick now? - image from the sun.

The other side of the coin – Carlos Tevez should NOT be welcomed back to City

It is nice to have opinions on matters, that is exactly what this website is all about, well, having an opinion on football is what this website is about, but I digress.

Sometimes the writers here disagree on a story, and the one that has caused the biggest ripple is the Never ending Story Carlos Tevez ,should-he-stay-or-should-he-go (go).

The comments on the previous story by CG indicate a distinct one-sided affair.  So  allow me to present my side of the story, and the other view from the team here.

Carlos Tevez, ah, the most written about player on this website I think. (with the possible exception of the hero that is Super Mario!)

Put simply, Tevez should NOT be allowed back into the City camp.  The fact that he is back in the squad, and one can assume training with the first team, this could severely disrupt the harmony of the dressing room, the back room staff and the management.  What went on that night late December back in 63 will be open to all sorts of scrutiny, will we ever get the complete truth? probably not.  The way things stand is that a few things are clear, Mancini said that Tevez would not play for him again and there appears to be some sort of disagreement as to if he was or was not treated like a dog.

Tevez Returns, with his family, maybe he will be less homesick now? - image from the sun.
The moment Tevez steps back on the field (if) there will be booing, and I imagine a lot of it, and quite frankly, rightly so. Not only has he disrespected the club with his attitude, he has shown what a terrible role model he is to the kids that idolise him (not in the same way that Giggs, Terry, Rooney, Terry, Suarez and Terry have in recent headlines) but in a more, well, childish way.  However, playing Carlos now is like saying “you can be a total douche, as long as you say sorry after having a big strop for a few months”.  The manager needs to stand his ground on this one, although this looks less likely as the days go on.

If City go on to win the title, they would have done it in most parts without Tevez, if they throw it away now, at least they can blame Tevez ruining the mood in the camp on his return, either way the Argentine is not going to have it easy. No-one is bigger than the club, and although it looks like City could do with a striker of his ability, I don’t think it would be right to take him back.

In part I feel sorry for him, he has an agent who can be best described as a crook, and i’m sure a lot of the fallout from this has been down to being ill-advised.  There is no doubt that Carlos is a quality player, no-one can argue this point.  However it’s not like he hasn’t got previous, West Ham and Manchester United fans have all said what a great player.. shame about the rest.  That kind of says it all really.

Too much red tape and bureaucracy gets in the way, if this was the situation 10 years ago, they would have just kicked him out, but not today, no, we need to be all sensitive about people who are earning more money in a week than myself and every other average Joe earns in many years.

I would rather see City fail to win the title without Tevez than to win it with his input for a few games.  If I was Carlos, i would be hoping I was deaf for my comeback..

This is the first time in my life I’m glad I’m deaf.