Top 5 Premier League Managers we would go for a pint with

The Premier League has it’s fair share of characters in the managers dugouts, but how many of them would you want to go for a pint with? We asses the unlikely event for our own amusement.

5 -Harry Redknapp

Harry seems like your normal down to earth kind of guy, the sort of bloke you could sit and have a chat with over a pint quite easily.

Most Likely Round: 2 Pints of Ale

Chances of Harry purchasing the round: 80% – You can be sure he will try and get a better deal and convince you all along that he isn’t getting the beers in, but when you get back from the bogs he will have a smile on his face and a pint in front of your chair

4 – Roberto Mancini

Would charm the ladies and make an idea wingman with his Italian charm.  We could happily sit and let him talk to us about the joys of managing Carlos Tevez, and what it is really like to be able to just point at a player and say “I want that one”.

Most Likely Round: The finest champagne money can buy

Chances of Roberto getting the drinks in: 100%, unless you refused to get the first round in to warm up the night.

3 – Roberto Martinez

The second Roberto in our top 5, but the Spaniard picked up a slightly higher league position (well, a first for everything eh!).  The well mannered gaffer of Wigan would also be a hit with the ladies, and a slightly younger target audience, not only that but his light hearted attitude and youthful attitude would mean that Martinez would definitely be one to grab a drink with!

Most Likely Round:  Some fancy designer bottled lager

Chances of Roberto getting the drinks in: Definitely, he seems too nice not to!

2 –  Steve Kean

Depending on your affiliated club this could be a controversial decision.  As far as we are concerned it is hard to see someone as nice as Kean to be in the position he found himself (not so much in the last few weeks) and quite frankly maybe he is just too nice!  We would like to buy Steve a pint and let him vent his troubles, not that he would, he would probably rather play a game of pool instead of moaning about the situation, but that’s just a testament to the man’s character as one of football’s nicest managers.  Personally I have every confidence that he can turn Blackburn around, and would tell him so over a pint!

Most Likely Round: 2 Pints of Lager

Chances of Kean getting the drinks in: They would probably already be on the table when we got there!

1 – Alan Pardew

First choice as to who we would want to go for a pint with would have to be Alan Pardew, everyone has a relative like Alan and I think it would be great to sit and chew the fat.  He comes across as friendly and a good laugh, not only that who else has got moves like his touchline shuffle?  Those moves you can’t beat!

Most Likely Round: 2 Pints of Lager

Chances of Pardew getting the drinks in: Pretty high, I think it would be a fair system of round buying until closing time!


People to avoid going to the pub with:

Arsene Wenger – Conveniently when it was his time to get to the bar, he wouldn’t see it.

Sir Alex – The bar would refuse service in case the drinking session went into Fergie time and they lost their license!