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Why Chelsea should stick with AVB (rant)

Building a successful team takes time, there, I said it. It seems that in the modern game, if things aren’t going right, it must be the manager’s fault, and therefore should be sacked right? Wrong.

This isn’t FIFA on the Xbox, you can’t just pick players from other teams, bring them in and expect everything to be smooth as a baby’s backside.
Managers need time to re-train a team to play and think like they want, some players will be more adaptable than others and others will be so stuck in their own ways the only thing to do is sell them to a club with more money than they know what to do with.

AVB needs time (and a shit by the looks of things)

A manager can only do so much, and when a player goes out on the pitch and makes a mistake, the manager seems to gets the blame. I need to remember this one next time I delete a load of files at work, just because I did it, it must have been my boss’ fault.

Chelsea fans need to get real, the squad they have at the moment is not good enough to be challenging for the title but for some reason because they have money and an impatient owner, they think it is their divine right to be challenging every year, and if they are not, then it must be the manager’s fault.

If you want to bring in a new young manager to bring a load of new young players into the squad, you have to give him time to the damn job.

Every day there seems to be some comment from Chelsea fans about getting a new manager, or pundits saying “is AVB’s time up”? Fans seem to know about how the manager is with the players day in day out on the training field and in the dressing room and as a man, funny that, maybe they can tell me about the lottery numbers for next week? It is absolute BS, give him a few seasons to make a difference. The last few Chelsea managers haven’t really done much with the squad because it was good enough, now it is getting old and things have to change. Unless of course you have a team of 11 Marty McFlys.

Is AVB a good manager? Well, only time will tell, not that he will get it at Chelsea..