Zenit St Petersburg – You can not be serious?

Sometimes you read something, and then you read it again as the first time it sounded something so amazingly outrageous that it couldn’t possibly be true.

But here we are, Zenit St Petersburg’s largest supporters group have baffled the minds of decent human beings everywhere by writing an open letter to the clubs owners stating that they want their team to be made up of only white, straight players.  That’s right, read it again.  Apparently black players are “forced down Zenit’s throat” and gay players are “unworthy of our great city”.

The token gesture from the board stated that players are selected “without any limitation regarding origin, religion or skin colour”.  Although it took until this summer for a non-white player to be purchased by the Russian giants.    You have to wonder how Hulk and Witsel feel about this, two high priced summer signings who were chased across Europe for their signatures are now being essentially told they aren’t welcome by a massive supporter group because of the colour of their skin.

Zenit have been in trouble multiple times for cases of racist abuse against players, and you have to wonder how the Russian Federation fail to act on the fact that a large section of fans are giving the whole of Russian Football a bad name.