About us and this website

We are a small group of friends with a genuine passion for Football, we decided to start writing a blog initially for our own enjoyment.  As friends, family and colleagues started to read our work and complimented us on what we were doing, we decided to make it more of a feature driven site, instead of trying to just copy the other fantastic news websites out there.

We stand by our decision to not just become another Football News site and hopefully, with your support, we can grow this into a household name.  Well.. we can dream, can’t we.

Our Staff:

Caleb Greenland – calebgreenland@footballfansonline.net
Caleb was a founding member of the team and showed his desire to begin a career in writing and brought with him a real talent for dividing opinions (usually everyone disagrees with his opinions) and is always bias to everything that Nottingham Forest do, and will always disagree with the way that Stoke City play their football. Always.

Graham Masters – graham@footballfansonline.net
Graham is the technical head behind the website and is always telling the rest of the team what they can’t have on the website.  With a less than authodox writing style, Graham is known for making contraversial fantasy football selections and for some reason tries to keep all public content neutral (fat chance of that happening around here!)

Tony Oakley – tony@footballfansonline.net
Tony became the third member of our team in June 2011 and he brought to the table a drive for getting our content recognised by a wider range of people and a new fresh aproach to marketing. As a West Ham fan, Tony is no strange to the ups and downs that life throws our way!